Short Blocks

Year 2 Progressive Maths

The KS1 National Curriculum statutory content for Year 2 is arranged below in short mathematical topic blocks over the year. Each block is divided into units. Each unit is focussed around one or two specific skills within that topic. Hamilton recommend this as a pedagogically progressive route through the longer blocks.

There is a large amount of subject content to be covered in Year 2, and most teachers wish to complete all new teaching before Easter, so that Summer Term can be rehearsal and reinforcement before the SATs. Therefore, we provide 72 days teaching for Autumn Term and 60 days teaching for Spring Term. This means that if a teacher taught all the content in all the units in every Block, s/he would need to teach maths every single day in both terms. As teachers, we do understand that this is neither possible nor desirable. So please read our ‘Planning Guidance’.

You can navigate to the longer flexible blocks by selecting your year group on the red bar above or use the button on the right to find the weekly plans.

Autumn Blocks

Spring Blocks

Summer Blocks