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Training Date for Spring Term

diana-mitcham.jpg By Diana Mitcham

Making Our Way to Mastery is Hamilton's new maths training seminar with Professor Ruth Merttens. In this session, new for 2019, Ruth focuses on understanding the difference between problem solving and reasoning, how to develop children's ability to reason mathematically, the key steps to mastery and much more.

An impassioned keynote from professor Ruth Merttens from @HamiltonTrust on the importance of numerical fluency and common sense. #TayMaths2019

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Many children appear to be proficient or even good at arithmetic and yet have trouble with questions that involve mathematical reasoning. This diminishes individual children’s numerical fluency and also affects outcomes for the year group and the school.

Understanding the important differences between problem solving and reasoning in relation to mathematics is key to realising how we can prevent the situation outlined above from becoming an issue.

During this session, teachers will review the different skills required, using hands-on reasoning activities. They will explore the pedagogical and organisational processes that can be put in place to ensure that we develop children’s ability to reason alongside their ability to calculate efficiently.

The session concludes with a summary of the key steps to mastery and a discussion of their implications for the school curriculum and its delivery.

Upcoming sessions:

  • The Worcester session will take place at the University of Worcester, St John's Campus (WR2 6AJ) on Thursday 4th April at 4.30 - 6.00pm; arrival from 4.00pm.

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What a super day yesterday at the @TayCollab Maths Conference! Lots of learning - could have listened to Prof. Ruth Merttens talk all day @HamiltonTrust. Thanks @CarolLyon16 for organising such a great event and inviting us to share our journey.

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The session is of immediate interest to all primary teachers. It is FREE and open to all. It is essential to book a place, and spaces are available on a ‘first-come, first served’ basis.

For further information email [email protected].