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Calling All PGCE Students and NQTs: A FREE Access Offer from Hamilton

Suzie Hunt By Suzie Hunt

Are you a PGCE student or an NQT? Activate your FREE NQT access offer and Save your Sundays!

Hamilton are offering NQTs and PGCE students FREE access to Hamilton materials for a whole key stage (KS1, LKS2 or UKS2) until 17 December 2019. This offer is available until 14 May 2019, so sign up now!

  • English

    Create inspiring lessons for your class with fiction, non-fiction and poetry English plans. Grammar teaching is incorporated into all plans and we provide slide presentations to make SPaG easy and fun to teach. Find out more about our English plans.

  • Maths

    Choose Hamilton's progressive short maths blocks for our clear guidance on methodological consistency and child-friendly maths pedagogy for the whole range of children in your class. Find out more about our maths plans.

  • Science

    Enable your children to work towards meaningful and engaging outcomes in science. Background science documents will give you confidence teaching, and our investigative approach will engage your children. Find out more about our science sessions.

  • Topics

    Explore the rest of the curriculum in our thoroughly researched cross-curricular topics that cover a wide range of learning objectives, particularly in history, geography and the creative subjects as well as English and maths. Find out more about our topics.

And there’s more… Our offer will also give you access to fabulous animated tales and facts, oral stories, Group Readers, a phonics scheme and great supplementary resources, starters and homework materials for maths.

You can choose a key stage now or just sign up now and choose a key stage later. What’s more we’ll even change your key stage if you sign up and then move classes during your free access period.

This special offer is only available until 14 May 2019. If you sign up before that date, your free access to a key stage will continue until 17 December 2019.

Get more information and details of how to sign up.